Healthy Living Inspiration

It was a fun weekend. Swag bags, oats and yogurt galore, granola giveaways, conversations about running, blogging, and spinach smoothies, meeting my cyberspace inspirations in real life. Yes, for this wannabe blogger, wannabe Dietitian and absolute health nut, the Healthy Living Summit in Philadelphia was my definition of fun.

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I could go on an on about the yummy meals we ate (what other conference has an oatmeal bar for breakfast or an entire vegetarian lunch??), the healthy living blog heroines I finally got to see and meet, or the bottomless Mary-Poppins swag bag of yummy treats (I’ll never need to buy granola bars again!), but I’ll spare you words and let the pictures do the talking.

New friends (picture source)

What I will do is let you in on a couple of notes from the sessions. The sessions were all great, geared at both healthy living and blogging. I attended “Budgeting for a Healthy Lifestyle”, “Rising Above Negativity”, “Blogger Safety”, and “Maintaining Healthy Habits While Traveling” and came back with so much food thought (pun totally intended).

Here are some of the things I learned:

  • Living healthfully does cost more, so it takes planning and creativity to eat well. Meal plan, make grocery store lists, use coupons, buy in season, and shop around.
  • When choosing organic produce, keep in mind the “dirty dozen”, which foods are most contaminated by pesticides.

Progress in healthy living isn’t a one time big decision, but is made up of small, daily, and achievable changes.

  • A flexitarian diet begins every day intending to be more vegetarian and is pro-plant instead of focusing on restricting meat.
  • Three ways to transition into a more plant-based diet are to Reportion your plate to a 25% grains, 25% lean protein and 50% vegetables, Reinvent old favorites, and Refresh your diet to try new recipes.
  • While traveling, learn to be flexible with your meals, hit up the grocery store for staples and snacks, eat like a local instead of frequenting chains and fast food, sight-see by foot, and pack workout gear.

Living healthfully is so much more than a one day conference. It’s loving food, not for food’s sake alone, but for the way it strengthens and nourishes my body to be active and strong. The end goal isn’t perfect health or a fit body, but having the energy to life life to the fullest. It’s about spending time outside in nature, whether it be walking leisurely with friends, biking with family, or sweating up a run. Soak up God’s creation. Eat oats. And spinach. Be active. Enjoy the sweetness and savoriness of each day. Count your blessings!


5 thoughts on “Healthy Living Inspiration

    • Right! Which is why I ate my weight in crepes and pretzels and authentic Mexican food…:) And I just realized that I planned on meeting you this past weekend and it never happened!! Guess we’ll have to try for another time 😉

    • It was so fun and I thought of you a lot!! The 5K actually turned into more of a walk, but we ran the way back 🙂 I drank the coconut water today — Thanks, it was delicious!

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