Seeing Orange

The first thing I did on September 1st was open a big can of pumpkin.

It’s all about priorities, people.

I get so excited about autumn — the time of turning leaves, crisper air and bonfires. The time when it is finally acceptable to eat pumpkin for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

  Pumpkin Banana Quesadilla

~ Whole wheat tortilla, one sliced banana, 1/3 cup pumpkin,
1/4 cup cottage cheese, cinnamon, maple syrup ~

ooey, gooey deliciousness.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Oat Bran

Yes, that’s right.

~ 1/2, cup almond milk, 1/4 cup brewed coffee, 1/3 cup oat bran, half a thinly sliced banana, tablespoon of vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, maple syrup ~

Yes, it was amazing. This is the best way to wake up.

I’ve also made a batch of these, which are basically pumpkin cake in cookie form.

And am making plans for both of these recipes.

It may be an obsession, but it’s a good one. Pumpkin is packed with immune-boosting antioxidants and beta-carotene, Vitamin C, calcium, fiber, and iron. In a delicious kind of way.

This is autumn. Changing leaves, crisp air, bonfire, creamy-orange-cinnamon warmth. I love it.


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