An Exam is Like a Marathon


Maple apple oats, peach tea, weight textbook lifting

Nervous jitters:

I’ve trained so hard…but I’m so unprepared. I just want it to be over…I hope a hurricane/tornado/earthquake happens right now so I never have to start.

Fast forward several painful hours, a finish line and stopped clock later…


Peach Chobani, banana bruised from sharing backpack space with four notebooks, a fat stack of flashcards, and a large umbrella

Rice with roasted veggies and steamed spinach = demolished.

Coffee in the library. Shh…it was necessary.


Everything hurts. I don’t want to ever get up. Not ever.


4 thoughts on “An Exam is Like a Marathon

  1. Ugh! I can’t imagine biochem! New Testement Greek is quite enough for me, thank you! I am told it will all be worth it in the end. You can do it! 🙂

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