Bite-Sized Bedtime Revelations

  • I’ve concluded that apple picking needs to be an annual welcome-to-fall event. Nothing puts you into autumn vibe like walking through rows of apple-laden trees, picking fruit fresh off the tree and then coming home and trying to fit three large baskets of apples into the fridge. Someone got a little carried away…but really, how could you not? They’ve already been simmered into applesauce and baked into pies, and no one’s allowed to leave the house without stocking up on car ride snacks.

  • 5Ks are really fun. While I love conquering long runs, there is something about just giving it your all for a short distance. It was an awesome feeling to run a 5K on Saturday just for the pure pleasure of it. It helped that I got to watch a dear friend experience a race for the very first time. It also helped that I broke my PR without even trying! Definitely made up for the unfortunate race T-shirt:

  • Went to the grocery store to rent a movie and came home with this:

Contrary to what my family thinks, this is not an obsession. This is a necessity. It’s October, the shelves have been bare since March, and this girl needs her orange-spiked happiness.Finding this 6lb can pretty much saved my autumn.

Do you see what that says there? 25 servings. Should last me about two weeks.Watch out, family. Pumpkin is going in everything.

  • Speaking of happy winter squash, I give the Butternut some love over on Vibrance. Five of my favorite ways to cook that lovely vegetable, including a recipe for the best soup ever. Butternut, Carrot, and Nut Butter Soup. Doesn’t that just turn all the leaves bright colors and give the air a cinnamon smell? It should.

  • I better get to bed so I can knock out a five mile run tomorrow morning before school. I am really loving the way a morning run sets the pace for the rest of the day and helps me hit the books already feeling like I’ve accomplished something good. Another discovery this school year — the enigma of packing lunches. This is the first time I’ve ever regularly packed lunches (homeschooler alert!) and it’s more of a challenge than I used to imagine — especially when I’m away from 10-5. One thing I’ve got down: the daily apple. But that’s a post for another, more enlightened time.

For now, goodnight. And happy munching.


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