Swap in Some Healthy

I’m up to my ears in papers, flashcards, and exams this week so things will be a little quiet around here. I haven’t even been able to take advantage of Thursday baking day or pajama day! Instead I’m eating cereal and grapes and buzzing on multiple cups of coffee. Classy.

However, if you have time to don your apron, I’m jealous don’t let me stand in your way. Pull out the bowls and measuring cups and get your baker on. But first, check out this post I wrote on Vibrance about making healthy (sneaky!) ingredient swaps.

When I first became more health-conscious and making changes to my diet, I assumed that my dessert days were over. It is a common belief that eating healthy means, “dieting” and that means cutting out sweets.

How un-fun. I quickly discovered that restriction is unhealthy and wellness means giving what body not only what it needs but also what it wants. True healthy changes will only last if they are balanced and can be incorporated into a realistic lifestyle.

For me, that means I needed to find a way to incorporate treats and sweets back into my life. And what I learned was that there are infinite ways to give favorite desserts a healthy makeover — making nutritious swaps without losing any of the deliciousness.

Click on over to read my favorite ways to Swap in Some Healthy.

And while you’re at it, does anyone want to send some chocolate chip cookies to this struggling student? Better yet, bring them yourself. It’d do me good to see a human face. I’ll swap you a cup of coffee.


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